Ben Brand

Alexandra Roussel

Senior Executive Producer

Jean-François Bourrel


Gabriel Bert

Executive Producer

Hadrien Penavaire

Executive Producer

Mica Yamaguchi

Head of Talent Scouting

Bruno Recorbet

Head of New Business

Maxime Baillet

Managing Director

Ben Brand

Bentley Bentayga EWB

Ben Brand

The definitive luxury SUV, with unprecedented space for passengers to relax and appreciate new levels of comfort. Introducing the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase, a showcase of advanced, wellbeing-enhancing technology



Bentley & Greg Burch


Executive Creative Director: Roy Cohen
Group Creative Head: Kirstie Dallas
Art Director: Andrea Foresi
Art Director : Stephanie Hutton
Copywriter: Dan Bryant
Senior Account Director: Hamish Day

Eddy & Brunch Studio

Director: Quentin Baillieux
Producer: Stella Ramsden / Camille Principiano
Line Producer: Emilie Revert
Production Coordinator: Brice Smith

Supervisor & Technical Director: Clément Lauricella
Storyboard/Animatic: Léa Bancelin / Valentin Stoll
Character Design: Léa Bancelin / Leïla Courtillon
Background Design: Fabio Besse / Justine Thibault
Colorboard: Basile Godard / Elodie Rémy
Modeling Asset: Raphaël Guez
Texturing & Surfacing: Quentin Baillieux
Lighting/Render & Compositing: Vincent Hochet
3D Layout Artist: Paul Lavau
2D Layout Artist: Léa Bancelin / Pierre Rougemont / Alexandra Petit / Valentin Stoll
Rough Animation Artists : Léa Bancelin / Augustin Guichot / Sixtine James / Pierre Rougemont
Clean Animation Artists : Léa Bancelin / Augustin Guichot / Kévin Hamimi / Pierre Rougemont / Valentin Stoll
FX Animation: Sixtine James / Sandy Lachkar
Colorisation: Claire Pottier / Olivia Saunier
Matte-Painting 2D: Sophie Barocas / Justine Thibault / Shang Zhang
Compositing: Vincent Ewald / Damien Gaillardon / Nicolas Guilloteau
Conform: Emilie Chouabe

Pipeline & Developer: Alexis Prayez
Developer: Radouane Lahmidi
IT System Engineer: Arnaud Kandin
IT support: Ramy Zaouai
Accountant: Moussa Traoré

Premier League - Director's Cut

Ben Brand

Nike - Don't Call Me Precious

Ben Brand

Most parents are overprotective by default. They’ll do anything in their power to defend their little ones. But there comes a time when they have to (figuratively) cut the umbilical cord and let their kids act independently, even if that means they will hurt themselves (although unintentionally).

In a bid to stop parents from treating their children like babies, Nike China developed a campaign which sees four real-life child athletes such as a runner, boxer, footballer, and basketballer—all aged between 10 and 13 years old—ask for independence.


Creatives: R/GA SGANGHAI,
Director: Ben Brand
DOP: Paul Ozgur
Grading: Nightshift Paris, Gabriel Portier
Special thanks: Eddy Paris

Chocapic - Rainbow

Ben Brand

Produced by Eddy



Ben Brand


Maxime Desmet

Executive Producer

Jean François Bourrel

Line Producer

Antoni Gimel-Lécosse

Production Assistant

Maud Folléa



Production Service

Hello Baxter

Post House

Everest Studio

Post Producer

Sylvain Obriot & Anne-Laure Boulley


Hugo Lemant


Everest Studio


Mc Cann

Tv producer

Arnaud Lemens 

Creative director

Ricardo Fregoso

Artistic directors

Philippe Puech & Mateo Fernandez Gomez


Clément Le Bars

Nestlé Cailler

Ben Brand

Love is the greatest inspiration for every film maker, writer and human being. Love is big, dramatic, romantic and super insecure at the same time. 


Production: Eddy
Producer: Jean-François Bourrel, Alexandra Roussel
Line Producer: Aymeric Mosser
Production Coordinator: Maud Folléa

TV Producer: Guy Péchard
Copywriting & AD: Romain Guillon, Pierre Riess

DOP: Paul Ozgür
Stylist: Charlotte Rabiller
Talents: Patrick McNamee, Sai Bennett

Sound Design: Capitaine Plouf
Music: Sizzer Amsterdam

When you get home

Ben Brand

In 2016, director Ben Brand red a heartbreaking story through an article about a horrific traffic accident involving a little baby girl. It struck him so deep that he HAD to do something with it. This is the film directly inspired by the event. 


So here is the confronting result to create awareness about using the mobile phone in traffic


Writter & Director: Ben Brand
Director of Photography: Maxime Desmet
Executive Producer: Bas Pinske
Producer: Noor Hinskens
Production Manager: Anouk Van Sprang
Police Officer: Issaka Sawadogo
Post-Production: Captcha, Marcel Oudendijk

RE \ Entry Trailer

Ben Brand

When a man (you) dies in a traffic accident and gets into a conversation with God, he gets an answer to the biggest question of life. Based on a short story by American bestselling auteur Andy Weir.

This film was shot on 4 different continents during a 3 month shooting period.

World premiere: Flickerfest international filmfestival 2020, Australia


Writer/Director: Ben Brand
Production: Studio Ruba
Cinematography: Maxime Desmet
Producers: Maarten van der Ven,
Line producer: Moniek Sterk
Editing: Patrick Schonewille
Grading: Filmmore
Sound: Mark Glynne
Music: Jesper Ankarfeldt
Casting: Groen casting / Susanne Groen

Young Director Award - Double Life

Ben Brand

Young Directors Awards 


Written and directed by Ben Brand